Change my view on the viral video “Look up”

Recently, there was a video that went  viral called “Look up”. This is the video:

I can not take this video seriously. The message is ridicoulus, so why does it have 35 million views already?

First of all, it is very well produced. Good camera quality. A sympathic looking guy with a nice friendly sweater looks you in the eyes and says “Im lonely”.

His message is spoken in a nice and easy rhyme so noone has problems digesting it. Yet, what he says only makes sense if you dont think about it twice.
Mr. Sympathic tells us about his life. He uses social media but still feels like he has no real connection to the people he talks to. We shut ourselves into our rooms and use these sites, yet we make no “real” connections”.

At a degree, this part of the video can make sense. If you use social media as a replacement for ALL face to face interaction with family or friends, you wont experience true bonding. But is technology as a whole a tool of ” some rich greedy bastard” , as he claims? It depends on what you make of it. The argument is basically the same people make about violent computer games and crimes. The people who use it as their only tool of social interaction would have been lonely ANYWAYS; even without this tool they would sit in their room, even without violent games they would have been criminal.

“Read a book, exercise, paint a picture” is what you should do, according to him. Yet, If i dont like any of those activities Im not really living? I doubt it. And you should to.

His point has been made many times before, before social media the people argue there was a time where EVERYONE WAS TALKNG TO EACH OTHER, NON-STOP. “Noone wants to talk to on another, fearing to look insane” Yet, when I talk to people on the train they are friendy and normal, what is he talking about? When I talk to strangers about the annoying Deutsche Bahn which is too late again, we have a nice conversation. What is he talking about?

Things where not that different in the past:


The second part of the video just gets weirder and weirder. From technology and socialmedia it goes to make a point that only if you have a wife and kids, your experience is true…

I can not agree at all. For some people this is the path they should take, not for all. Obvious.

The video is nicely made, the message is hypocricy in its pure form. Use technology as a addon to your life, dont make it your life. I would have never guessed that before.

The hypocricy in him telling me what a real life is in a video about social media dictating our lifes, and what experience is real is astonishing.

“Give people your love, dont give them your like” is a nice rhyme, i have to admit. But does it mean anything?


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